Wild 'n Out

For the 9th season of the iconic show, Wild 'n Out, we wanted to ignite the already passionate fan base and get them to make us part of their daily social interactions. So leading up to the season premier, we created a hero and a series of video memes from dozens of the best, funniest moments of the show that could easily be shared on all social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

As a result, the season 9 premier of Wild 'n Out was the highest rated episode in series history.

Social CONTENT - memeS

LIVE social media: Wild at THE BARBERSHoP

In African American culture, the barbershop is one of the centers of the community, where people come together to talk, gossip, laugh and share.

This fit perfectly with the Wild 'n Out brand. So we hosted a Facebook Live event at barbershops in New York and Atlanta, where our talented cast hosted rap battles and dance offs, and joked around, took online questions and, of course, roasted everyone that deserved it. We also offered free haircuts and swag to anyone in the community who would shave "Wild 'n Out" in their hair. We had lots of takers.