Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant

Yes, MTV made yet another Teen Mom. After 2 failed attempts at rebooting the franchise, the risk was high for the latest try. The challenge was to take this tired franchise and make it fresh, new, relevant and, most importantly, rate.

So we brought Teen Mom fully into the modern age and embrace the target market's perfered language: social. We ditched the standard promos for vlogs created from the teen moms' audition tapes, introduced the girls heavily on FB, Insta and Snapchat, then created a trailer and teaser focusing on the girls' modern motherhood challenges.

The result: the first new Teen Mom hit in years. The series premiered as the #1 cable series in the time slot, with huge live and DVR playback, and was the 13th most social program for primetime and cable, and the first look racked up 1.1 million video views online.


graphic teaser



”Do NOT settle." Yes, @jadecline_! 🙌 | #YoungAndPregnant

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