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The 2016 Election

The 2016 election was insane. So we had an insane idea. Create fake, robot commentators to talk about real human issues, featuring:

RoboBear: the pro-Hillary bleeding heart conservative.

RoboDino: the pro-Trump conservative.

RoboParrot: the wild-card.

RoboRobot: The know-it-all moderator.

Pumpkin service announcements

Halloween tips from a real pumpkin. 

easy thanksgiving recipes

You've heard of the turduckin. Well how about the turomancenovel? Or the turdrunkuncle? For this series, we created our own thanksgiving recipes by stuffing whatever we could think of into a turkey.  

santa's secrets - a very creepy christmas

We took common holiday phrases, word for word, and made them creepy as hell. So now you know what It's like to get hit on by a mall Santa.

our mtv family

At MTV, musicians are our family. So we hand-knit Christmas stockings for some of our favorites. Chance the Rapper was even kind enough to give us a shout out on Twitter.